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Eleaf Mini iStick 2 ORIGNAL Kit INDIA

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                           Eleaf Mini Istick 2 kit con GS Air 4 E-Cig


Eleaf Mini iStick 2 Kit features the new AST steel technology to extend the service life and improve the taste of the flavor while vaping. Its metal shell is made through advanced matte craftsmanship, which gives it a delicate appearance and does not leave footprints. Eleaf Mini Istick 2 is powered by a powerful integrated 1050 mAh battery, and on the front is the OLED screen that will show the battery life as well as different parameters useful for customizing your vape. In addition, the Mini iStick 2 allows you to adjust the wattage power between 1-25 W. The Kit is supplied with the GS Air 4 atomizer, characterized by a liquid capacity of 2.5ml and the possibility of being able to adjust the flow from the air during use.

To give you an idea of the scale, here it is next to a Geek Vape L200 which is quite compact for a dual 18650 kit. Eleaf have basically shrunk down every dimension they could proportionally, and thankfully they haven’t shrunk down the tank too much at 19mm diameter and 44mm high with the drip-tip.

The weight is reasonably light at 111g with a full tank, which isn’t bad for a metal chassis kit. Overall, the size and the weight is very impressive and holds a large part of its charm.

The iStick Mini 2 mod is 54mm tall, 34mm long (inc fire button), and 21.4mm wide, small enough to hide in a clenched fist. The 510 pin isn’t spring loaded but that’s for a reason that becomes apparent later. It will take up to a 20mm tank without overhang but the fixed 510 connection will become an issue for most tanks due to the gap it creates.


GS Air 4 tank

This 19mm tank looks very familiar and on the face of it, there doesn’t appear to be anything we haven’t seen before, but dig a little deeper and the base has a small hole similar to a squonk pin. This is for the auto-draw to work.

It all strips down by unscrewing everything counter clockwise, I didn’t manage to strip the glass section though. I may have found a way but it felt risky and I would have been stuffed if I broke the glass as there’s no spare.

Operation and Performance

The chipset is pretty basic and is very easy to navigate. You only get two power options: Variable Wattage or Variable Voltage. The kit is clearly intended for use with the GS Air 4 tank, so you are likely never to need anything else power wise.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns Device On/Off

  • 3 x Fire = Menu (-/+ key to navigate and Fire to confirm)

    • MODE: Power = Variable Wattage

    • MODE: Volt = Variable Voltage

    • SET: SCRN = Turn screen On/Off (Y/N)

    • SET: Auto = Turns Auto Draw On/Off (Y/N)

  • Press & Hold -/+ together = Lock/Unlock Adjustments

  • Press Fire & + = Turns AST Dry Hit Protection On/Off

  • Press Fire & - = Rotates Screen 180 Degrees


Dimensions: 32.8mm x 21.5mm x 97mm

Battery capacity: 1050mAh

Atomizer capacity: 2.5ml

Power Range: 1W - 25W

Refill: Type-C


1 x Mini iStick 2

1 x GS Air 4 Atomizer

1 x GS-A 0.8 ohm resistor

1 x 1.4 ohm GS Air coil

1 x Type-C Charging Cable

2 x User Manuals