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Jomo lite 40 battery

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18650 battery is a Li-ion rechargeable battery with a 2200 mAh Battery Capacity. This is not a standard AA or AAA battery but is very useful for applications that require continuous high current or high current in short bursts like in cameras, DVD players, iPod, etc. A 18650 cell can be charged and discharged up to 1000 cycles without much loss in battery capacity. They are safe to use, environment friendly and have long battery life. It comes with high energy density and provides excellent continuous power sources to your device. It should be used with a protection circuit board that guards the battery against over-charge, over-discharge of the pack, and avoid over-current drawn.

Important: Please note that this cell is a copy version and is not original, hence the capacity and performance of the cell might vary based on charging and discharging parameters in your application. We do not recommend this for power-critical applications. You can check out Original Hongli 18650 cells for demanding applications. 


  • Voltage: 3.7 Volts
  • Capacity: 2200 mAh
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Battery Size: Diameter- 18mm x Length- 67mm
  • Charging Method CC-CV



  • Cordless Phones
  • Jomo lite 40 vape 
  • Tablet PC GPS
  • iPod, DVD, MP4 Player, etc.
  • Mobiles backup power supply/Power bank



It is very easy to use the cell in any circuit just solder the wires on the terminals or use 18650 battery holders to easily replace the used cells. Care must be taken while handling Li-ion batteries as they are volatile and inflammable and should not be handled roughly and punctured. Also, don’t overcharge and discharge beyond a certain point as gases accumulated inside might result in explosions and fire. So always use the Protection board while using Li-Ion cells. Check out other cells here 9V Hi-Watt Battery, 9V Hi-Top Battery, 3.7V Rechargeable Li-Po Battery



Power Bank Circuit

Power Bank Circuit on PCB



1×18650 Li-Ion 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery