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Grape Raspberry FLAVOUR NICOTINE By Nasty Shisha 60ml 3mg INDIA

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Nasty Shisha Grape Raspberry 60ml

Grape Raspberry By Nasty Shisha 60ml 3mg

Grape Raspberry By Nasty Shisha. A shisha inspired vape favorite, Grape Raspberry is just the right balance of sour and sweet. The flavor of red grapes presents throughout, making for a full-bodied fruity base note, complemented by a pop of raspberry to make things just a little bit tangy on the exhale. Therefore, you must try. Besides, You should stock.

Grape Raspberry e-liquid by Nasty Juice is a fruity blend that plays between sweet and sour notes. A rich grape flavor complemented by tart raspberry for a balanced flavor. This  E-liquid features the refreshing flavors of sweet juicy raspberries combined with fresh plum grapes to create a flavourful vape with sharp undertones.

Green Grape  By Nasty Shisha 60ml 3mg

Sweet, crisp, fresh, Green Grape is is a fruit blend with a distinct flavour. A Fruity affair ,Taking inspiration from the throwback Shisha flavours we’ve all come to love, Nasty Juice Green Grape features Crisp and Sweet Green Grapes, plucked to make this combination possible.