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The atomizer is powered on or off by pressing 5 time continuously in 3 seconds .

Charging Tipes :These 3 power indicator lights are on under charging only the red light when battery power is 3.25V-4.2V  The battery power would be full when light turn in to greeen after flashing 5 times 


On/Off :

1} press the fire key 5 times with 2 second 

the screen flash 3 time then it start working 

2}press the fire button 5 time within 2 second the screen flash 3 time then it stop working 

using trick :

1} clean the accumulated liquid or condensate timely

2}do not dry burn when not smoking switch while not smoking lead to oil spills 

simple troubleshooting methods 

cant smoke ? troubleshooting the follow reason .

1}is the atomizer detected ? reconnecting the atomizer or the atomizing core .

2}is the battery dead ? it refers to low battery  when the led light flashes under smoking if the automizer cant be used totally it means the battery is dead or the atomizer iis powerd off .

Here is strange taste under smoking .

1. the automizer is maturing because of the long time use please change the atomizer core .

2. the tobacoo tar is oxidation because of long time use please change the tobacco tar .