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ABOUT THE DRAG NANO 2 REPLACEMENT PODS BY VOOPOO Introducing the impressive Drag Nano 2 replacement pods from esteemed vape manufacturers Voopoo . This vape device uses these delightfully crafted 2ml replacement pods with a coil resistance of either 0.8ohms or 1.2ohms which offer a clean and crisp flavour and are compatible with the Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit . KEY FEATURES: Compatible with the Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit Top Filling E-Liquid System Magnetic Connection Resistances available: 0.8ohms / 1.2ohms Available in a pack of 3 MORE ABOUT THE VOOPOO DRAG NANO 2 REPLACEMENT PODS The Drag Nano 2 pods adopt a top-filling system, which is very easy to use an will minimise mess when refilling. Once filled, the pods will easily attached within the device and are held in place by magnetic connection. The coil within the pods should last you roughly 5 - 7 days although this may differ depending on your vaping style. The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 replacement pods have been expertly designed by Voopoo to hold up to 2ml of your favourite e-liquid. The pods come with a preinstalled, non-removable coil that has a resistance of either 0.8ohms or 1.2ohms. This will allow you to choose your preferred option for you style of vaping and enjoy vaping on your preferred resistance of pods. We would recommend using either a nicotine salt e-liquid or a vape juice with a ratio of 50VG/50PG within the Drag Nano 2 pods to ensure that the coils work correctly and perform at their best capability.